Beard Oil


Beard Oil. 


Our luxury beard oil contains a harmonious blend of Moroccan Argan Oil, Bergamot and Cambodian Oud.


Whether your beard is long established or you are a newcomer to this timeless masculine accessory, growing and maintaining a handsome beard can be challenging. Lux Beard Oil is the perfect product, as it not only helps make your beard look and smell fantastic, you can also feel good knowing that you are doing your bit to help other less fortunate communities around the world. Here’s why.


Argan Oil is UCFA sourced. The UCFA represents 22 cooperatives in 22 villages empowering 1200 women within the Argan forest, South Morocco. Argan oil produced by the UCFA is Fair Trade, organic and PGI certified.


Working with the UCFA offers total reassurance of a premium product with a real impact on an entire community. Products are made to demand, not diluted with and do not use water additives. They are also not tested on animals and 100 percent natural/vegan.


Lux Beard Oil comes with a ROLL TOP 

*Please note that we are only able to send bottle only.

All our oils have been carefully selected with the best wood chips from Cambodia, Trat and Prachin. They have been hand-picked to give our customers the purest organic natural raw scent which is rightfully due for these amazing ouds.
All products come with a complimentary gift box unique to each oil.

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